Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A lesson from Herstory - Voting

Contrary to popular misconception, feminism is an old movement and was around before you or your parents were born.
So its stupid arguments such as "it's not even a century that women were allowed to vote"(and today we have a war on women!) are made stupider when you consider history. Men didn't have such privilege(err.. right?) either, but for a few decades or in many cases, a few years.

Even Saudi Arabia, yes that Saudi Arabia, supposedly the Sweden of boy-power(as a corollary of Julian Assange's claim "Sweden is the Saudi Arabia of Feminism"), which granted female suffrage recently, had its first nation-wide elections in 2004, and yes they stone men for adultery too.

Secondly, women did not "win" the right to vote. (Isn't this generalizing women and hence misogynist/sexist/paternalistic/bigotistic? Oh wait, it is feminists doing it, mmkay no problemo!)
Some women were against the suffrage and they lost. Most women didn't even care, and as Chesterton states it was a curious demand of suffragetes that women may vote for everything else but for suffrage itself:

"The working objection to the Suffragette philosophy is simply that overmastering millions of women do not agree with it. I am aware that some maintain that women ought to have votes whether the majority wants them or not; but this is surely a strange and childish case of setting up formal democracy to the destruction of actual democracy.
What should the mass of women decide if they do not decide their general place in the State? These people practically say that females may vote about everything except about Female Suffrage."

And consider this ad of women against female suffrage,

or women writing against suffrage such as this(Madeleine V. Dahlgren):

The advocates of female suffrage claim that if women had the right to vote they would purify legislation of many abuses. We hold that the new status will prove to be the worst kind of communism. The relations between the sexes, so carefully guarded by religion and by parents, by law and by society, will become common and therefore corrupt. The family, the foundation of the State, will disappear. The mothers, sisters and daughters of our glorious past will exist no more and the female gender will vanish into epicene. 

end of women?

 or women like Eliza Lynn Lipton and Mary Humphry Ward and what google might throw up with a simple search.

It's time we put an end this bigotry and generalization of women and put herstory on correct foundations.

PS -

More suffragete cartoons here:


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