Wednesday, 4 June 2014

How Women are discriminated against in Academia

By being the only gender that could be discriminated against.

But the data, she says, show that female professors in the study actually were more likely to be second through fourth authors than first. It knocked down her theory that male scientists had failed to ask her to collaborate on academic articles because she is a woman. Since she first visited Mr. Bergstrom's lab, in fact, she has published three academic articles on which she is not the lead author. The article on gender and authorship will be her fourth.

"For me," she says, "this really showed the beauty of science, that you can have this personal experience that isn't reflected in big data."

Since the end result of the study had to be that women are discriminated against, the theory had to be discarded since the observations showed the opposite. And not that this evidence could be applied to the situation of men.

Instead of showing the beauty of science, it should've shown discrimination against men; but then women don't have that privilege going for them.

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