Saturday, 14 March 2015

Steroids are the new Skinny

Strong is the new beautiful. Strong is the new skinny.

You may have your doubts, rest assured they are true. And if you haven't, you should.

Steroids are the new skinny. Steroids are the new strong.

She just wanted six-pack abdominal muscles. So in the summer of 2003, Dionne Passacantando, a 17-year-old high school cheerleader, gymnast, and vice president of her Allen (Texas) High School class, made a decision she regrets. She bought anabolic steroids from a boy on the school football team.

Hey, HGH works splendidly too!

In fact, one of the difficulties I had when lecturing on the subject is that the photos of East German women swimmers, the Wonder Girls, no longer evoke much surprise at all. When I showed photos of swimmers Kornelia Ender and Rosemarie Kother, whose musculature once scandalised audiences, students are underwhelmed. They’re accustomed to seeing women who have even more impressive physical development, even actresses and ‘fitness models’.

Kornelia Ender

I use the term "physique sports" to encompass bikini, fitness, figures, physique and bodybuilding. There are subtle differences between each competitive class. Bikini girls are the ones seen in most of the fitness magazines. They have a nice 6 pack, and a tight and toned athletic look. Fitness and figures girls are more muscular, with deeper separation between muscles, and a bit more of a "jacked' look. Bodybuilders pack on as much muscle as they can, and looked striated, vascular, shredded or ripped and physique is somewhere between bodybuilding and figures. 

Looking at the women bodybuilders, you can kind of tell they must be doing something to enhance their physique, but I was shocked to learn how many fitness and bikini girls were also using physique enhancing drugs, or steroids to be exact!

damn steroids, how do they work?!!

"Believe me, I see high school kids and junior high school kids that are dabbling in steroids and HGH [human growth hormone]," he said. "It's amazing what happens. And their parents know it. Including girls, by the way, especially girls. "
The "Super Surgeon," who worked on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, said one women's sport specifically had a steroid abuse epidemic:
"Girls' soccer is rife with anabolic steroid use. It's amazing."

Gender Equality in roid rage too?

Just watched it. Interesting. A bit disillusioning. Googled things like does Jamie Eason do steroids, seems like maybe she does. What about Jillian Michaels? I googled that and found this video by her martial arts instructor of 10 years about her steroid use!!! WTF!
Thoughts? Are we trying to achieve something impossible?

noble lies

Steroids are everywhere you look, they have become so ubiquitous that they don't stand out until you come across a real freaky physical specimen that pushes the boundaries even further. The mainstreaming of steroid-enhanced male idols is already a thing of the past, it's high time for the gender-equality in this department, comrades!

What could be more 'end of women' than women injecting the hormone of masculinity in their blood? What could be more feministic than this aping of men in the one sphere where the gender-inequality rankles the most?

Nothing new under the sun.

Feminism, the extremist - and of late years the predominant cult of the Woman's Movement, is Masculinism.

It makes for such training and development in woman, of male characteristics, as shall equip her to compete with the male in every department of life; academic, athletic, professional, political, industrial. And it neither recognises nor admits in her natural aptitudes differing from those of men, and fitting her, accordingly, for different functions in these. It rejects all concessions to her womanhood; even to her mother function.
     -  Arabella Kenealy, Feminism_and_Sex-Extinction, 1920



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