Monday, 15 October 2012

Feminism and the Lion

Sexual assault. Attempted marital rape. Poor lioness is left gasping for breath at the end.


It's female lion you sexist bigot!

Child abuse at 1:00


Patriarchy in full display! Someone get me a glass of water! And call CPS quick! 

No equality in housework.


Women's right to work doesn't mean there's free lunch for you male chauvinist pigs..err lions! Or dinner!

Feminism, correcting nature's sexist mistakes, one species at a time.

Before Marriage 

After Marriage

After Divorce

Pics from here.

And Finally,

EQUALITY has been had!

PS -

Male Lion against Feminism's mascot.

How ancient peace-loving egalitarian matriarchies were usurped by patriarchal poor heart weeps!

Sometimes the sisterhood goes horribly wrong.

That male lion caused all that, look how he tries to play the confused dumbo, damn you patriarchy!


"what has this got to do with us, uncle dolan?"


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