Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Male-Dominated History and the Definition of Feminism

The term male-dominated is commonly bandied about as if there was a version of history which went like this:

Every man-made or rather human-made institution fell from space, and men being men, ran into the more prestigious ones and then locked the doors after them. Women being poor runners and with the additional handicap of being pregnant and with babies stuck to their udders were then not let in.
It was only after an orgy of thousand tears that they were allowed and lo-and-behold today we have the feminist movement correcting for all those years of male-dominated inequality.

Or should we consider that there is another version of history that can be understood  after you use this definition of feminism:

Feminism is a power grab by (man-hating) women called feminists who have the chutzpah to claim that they have done the most for women by simply positing themselves as a necessary intermediary between transfers of knowledge/resources/technology/opportunities from men to women, and then disparaging and working towards eradicating the source.


‘I looked into the Hellfire, and the majority of its dwellers were women who were ungrateful.’ It was asked, ‘Did they disbelieve in (i.e. were ungrateful to ] Allah?’ He replied, ‘They were ungrateful to their husbands and were ungrateful for favors and the good deeds done for them. If you had always been good to one of them and then she saw something in you not to her liking, she would say, ‘I have never seen any good from you at all.”

The shamelessness with which feminists cry "women were denied education" is a sight to behold. Most of them do reject the fiction of a male God which they say is used to perpetuate the patriarchal beast, but apparently a/the divine father in heavens sent down a thing called "education" to all equally but men kept it only to themselves. And brainwashed women into being mothers and "primary care-givers", a term that is stupid because of its existence.
So let's see, becoming a mother and wife = patriarchal brainwashing,
20 or more years of education = FREEDOM!

What makes people believe this sort of nonsense?

Feminism's "strong and independent" women throw off the patriarchal yoke and then run into the very bastions of patriarchy to be taught how to become strong and independent.
Sexist to have a males-only university, women were not allowed into prestigious learning institutions, and the good women called feminists allowed women in, feminists fought for women's right to education! Right? Right!

History in a nutshell (Angry Harry)

These women did not build their own institutions, but shamelessly clamored for the "right" to go into men's even though they merely had to copy what had already been put in place by men and not to start from the primordial scratch.
And for this they are women's liberators?

Women won the right to vote. Oh lordy, and since women couldn't vote, men voted for it. This is women's struggle, this pitiable and laughably aggrandized greed for power that is built upon lies, utter solipsism and a victimhood that shows no signs of waning, feminism's raison d'etre?

Is this some kind of a joke or has the Onion taken over the world?

Their expropriation is not merely content with getting into old boys' network, but then justifies affirmative-action on the grounds that men were its beneficiaries for thousands of years, the time during which patriarchy ruled the roost, before feminism appeared to take us back to the egalitarian world of matriarchy(logical contradictions are trifles that feminists don't deal with), the utter shamelessness of these ingrates is breathtaking!

Isn't a Millennium of Affirmative Action for White Men Sufficient??

As for the fiction of equality, it is to be merely used in this way:
Declare yourself equal to an apple-farmer. Then in the name of equality, you deserve half the apples, and a bit more to make up for the time during which you are unequal. Oh and since he is now driving a tractor, no matter whether he was using a plough before, you deserve the inviolable right to be the tractor driver. 
And he should put up an AC in the driver's chamber unless he wants an hostile workplace lawsuit. Any murmur of discontent is proof of farmer-privilege.

State is their father, or mother, or the androgynous/genderless being that their acolytes can be sufficiently comfortable with. State is the replacement for the pie-in-the-sky bearded old white man and jesus rolled in one, which sends down education to them, teachers being the priests of this religion.
And having a good priest is necessary to save one from Newton's rape manual, or introducing gently the other such howlers from the Lord-of-Flies-esque place called women's studies department.

Is there a better definition of feminism? Is one being too harsh on feminists here?

In other words, feminist theory cannot be accurately regarded as a competing or rival account, diverging from patriarchal texts over what counts as true. It is not a true discourse, nor a more objective or scientific account. It could be appropriately seen, rather, as a strategy, a local, specific intervention with definite political, even if provisional, aims and goals. In the 1980s, feminist theory no longer seems to seek the status of unchangeable, trans-historical and trans-geographic truth in its hypotheses and propositions. Rather, it seeks effective forms of intervention into systems of power in order to subvert them and replace them with other more preferable. Strategy implies a recognition of the current situation, in both its general, structural features (macrolithic power alignments), and its specific, detailed, regionalised forms (microlithic power alignments)...

In simple words, truth is an expedient, merely to be used when it's useful to do so, to be disregarded when not. An example would be women being "second-class citizens".
The word citizen is merely used to gain advantage and it's not as if feminists care about being citizens when they are more concerned about women in other countries than men in their own.
Traitors is more like it.

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