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The Biggest Success of Feminism

“But what is surprising, or at least unfortunate, is that these ‘half women’ should achieve a certain leadership over many normal women, women who have all the instinctive, ineradicable feelings of wifehood and motherhood; that these ‘half-women’ should be guides in what, if it is carried to its logical termination, will be the greatest revolution the human race has yet seen.”

"Not all women are like that(NAWALT) and those who are, will be educated!"

The mothers, sisters and daughters of our glorious past will exist no more and the female gender will vanish into epicene. Involved in one ruin from our present proud preeminence, we shall become a laughing-stock and a by-word to the nations of the world. We appeal to our women to be content that as mothers they control man in his early and impressible years,; and as wives they rule him not less surely in the riper hours, and share with him whatever of most worth life and the common lot bring.

"What, you afraid of a little equality, you immersed in the patriarchal matrix you.."

It is such women as Mrs. Lease, Helen Gauger, Susan B. Anthony and Miss Willard who are making all this clamor for the ballot. Most of these women have no children and therefore few family ties to keep them at home. In the absence of woman’s proper occupations, they run the country over, reviling everything in general and men in particular, and such women as these are the ones who would rule under a regime of woman suffrage.

"In the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, with an unaborted parasite on her teat? Not on my watch!"

Anti-Suffrage Essays

by Massachusetts women, with an introduction by Ernest Bernbaum

(check out some excerpts here)

Despite the proclamations about universal sisterhood, women aren't exactly beholden to other women, let alone feminists. The brouhaha when a woman like Marissa Meyer refuses to bow at the altar of feminism gives us a hint.
Despite protestations to the contrary, feminism's overwhelming success was brought about by the fact that men are overwhelmingly philogynists instead of the other way round.
After all, it wasn't women who voted for women's suffrage.

By positing itself as a necessary intermediary between men and women, without which men would be undisputed rulers and women undisputed slaves, feminism commands the obedience of every woman, especially those with the power of influence. It's cute to hear feminists talk of opportunities for women, while using sleights of language like "technological advances", "march of science", "medical progress" to hide where these opportunities originated from in the first place.
After all, Mary Wollstonecraft wasn't exactly taught to read and write by aliens of the UFO kind. Contrary to feminist belief, education didn't exactly fall from space(or protruded from gaia's womb), nor did the washing machine.

And despite the proclamations about universal sisterhood, the biggest enemies of feminism have been other women,  women like Phyllis Schalfly or Esther Vilar. And why shouldn't it be so, when it's women who can easily discern the daggers that lie behind the sweet words of other women, while the incorrigible buffoon that is man falls for them hook, line and sinker.

However, this women-women split cannot be acknowledged openly by feminists for then they lose the very useful narrative of "a misogynist is a man who opposes benefits to womankind and the purveyors of these benefits, which is feminism" and risk inviting men into this intra-sex struggle. It's not hard to see which side men would take, the campaign to see beauty in ugliness notwithstanding.

Thus the movement proceeds by brainwashing girls the way it accuses the mythical beast of patriarchy of, inciting them with propaganda akin to Torches of Freedom ("ya think girls can't do so and so? sexist, chauvinistic pig!"), claiming ever more benefits for women against men(which suspiciously always end up arguing for more positions of power after shoehorning women into places they would otherwise won't go, for e.g. suffrage, higher education), and if finally men register their discontent, it's only proof of the misogyny that they've been hiding all along.

"Oh look, a man angry at losing his male-privilege!"

Apparently the champions of the right of men to show emotions don't want them to show any. Or perhaps they do, but the emotions should be of the weepy kind; after all it's the 21st century, breaking the stereotypes and all that. But we digress.

Perhaps it is now amply clear what the title is supposed to stand for.

Consider a nerd who has convinced the jocks that they are only breaking their bones for getting used by chicks.
And they could take a stand against this oppression by organizing a communal fellatio.

A suicide bomber who has no love for life, not merely taking out those who do but convincing them to turn into suicide bombers themselves and to go even further, being proud of it.

Penis near woman's vagina? Rape!

While the War against Women rhetoric is quite funny, even funnier still is women themselves waging a successful war against the tyranny of their wombs and against their own identity after being told that it's patriarchally constructed. And they can be free if they become copycats of men!
After all, it isn't men rushing in to trade their pants for skirts.

Thus the biggest success of feminism is not domestication of man or rather convincing boys to not grow into one,  but the victory over their arch-enemies from their own sex to such an extent that their daughters now repeat feminist jargon against their own self-interests, if they can ever realize where they lie. Or say they support the right of a woman to have a 'choice' when in reality it takes away whatever little choice women could have had before what Elizabeth Warren has described as the two-income trap came into being.

The desire to free oneself from work was common to all classes and both sexes. Dr Joanna Bourke of Birkbeck College, London, has studied the diaries of 5,000 women who lived between 1860 and 1930. During that period, the proportion of women in paid employment dropped from 75 per cent to 10 per cent. This was regarded as a huge step forward for womankind, an opinion shared by the women whose writings Dr Bourke researched. Freed from mills and factories, they created a new power base for themselves at home. This was, claims Dr Bourke, "a deliberate choice. . . and a choice that gave great pleasure."

Simone de Beauvoir sez:

No woman should be authorized to stay at home and raise her children. Society should be totally different. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one.



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What is feminism? A political movement to overthrow male supremacy, according to us radicals. These days, however, young women (and men) are increasingly fed the line from "fun feminists" that it is about individual power, rather than a collective movement.

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